Jockstien Rayan Stimberg
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This memorial web site was created in the memory of our loved one, Jockstien Stimberg who was born in Georgia on April 18, 1988 and Murdered on February 22, 1999 at the age of 10. We will remember him forever

When I first found out that I was going to have jockstien I was a scared 13 year old girl , not knowing what to do I hid my regency from my family for the most part I gave birth to him just right after I turn 14 He was a little early but did wonderful , Jockstien was a Happy baby as long he had his bink bink with him I think he sucked on thing until he was 4 years old
Jockstien love any thing sports and hanging with his friends , A verrrry loving child , that love to get into all kinds of trouble , like the time he killed a bird with his sling shot and was afraid to tell me cause he thought that he would go to Jail so he the hid the bird in his bedroom for 2 weeks until I found it .. HE also stood up for others be friend ed a little boy at a park on time cause the other kids where teasing the little boy about him deformed arm . Jockstien was my light and still is , I had to grow up fast when I had him and even more when I lost him . Jockstien was shot and killed by another little boy . Jockstien had been staying with his dad at the time and had asked if he could go over to the little boys to spend the night so the go sledding at a hill near the little boys house cause there was no school the next day around 10 PM on Feb 21 ,1999 , Jockstiens dad got a phone from the hospital telling him that he needed to come thar Jockstien was hurt . I was called by his dad right after .at the time I was in savannah cause my adopted mom had passed away , when I got to the hospital that next day jockstiens dad pulled me to the side and told me that our son was life support and that he would never be able to breath on his own , I went in to the room and saw my Baby laying there not moving I walked up to him and sat on the edge of the bed and started to cry and told my son how sorry I was for taken with me and blamed my self for what had happen to him
the doctor came in and talked to his dad and I , he told us that was no chance that our sone would ever wake and would have to live on the machines for the rest of his life , we talked about what jockstien would want and I could not see my son likes that , his dad agreed with me that was not our son ,so we decide to let him go we took him off the life support . and held ed him in our arms telling him that we loved him and kissing him all over , I whispered into his ear that I was going to miss him but that I would never let his memory die , jockstiens organs where donated and where able to save 7 different people IM so proud of him cause even in death he touched so many. shortly after Jockstien Passed away I found out that I was pregnant . Just short of 6 months after Jockstien died I gave birth to his little sister Jadelena on August 13,1999. she reminds me of him . in a lot of the things that she dose right down to bink , well she has her thumb . and she loves to be silly just like him
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just want to say hi   / Deb(dwaynesmum)
hi there jockstien,just wanted to say hello and that u are in my thoughts and prayers,my son dwayne was murdered on 28th may 2007 he was stabbed in the neck,he was 27 i know how much yr mum misses u and loves you.this is a crazy world,may god give us...  Continue >>
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